Tecno-Gaz - Tecno 25 Surgical Suction

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Model Tecno 25 is electrical fed suction units, studied to be easily moved, therefore suitable to be used in all places where a surgical suction is necessary.


Tecno 25 is particularly suitable to perform their duty in little surgery like outpatient and domiciliary treatments, as help for patients subject to tracheotomy, and in all routine cases where surgical suction is necessary.


Functional and light Tecno 25 can be easily disinfected and have been designed in order to satisfy needing of continuous operativeness, therefore they’re able to bear high working stress.

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Data sheet

  • Tecno-Gaz
  • Italy
  • 4400gr
  • 410mm | 205mm | 260mm
  • With piston-Not Oiled - High Vacum-High Flow
  • 140W
  • -0.82bar
  • 25Lit/min
  • 2 Pots - Version 1 Lit and 2 Lit
  • PTFE - 99.99999% Capacity

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Tecno-Gaz - Tecno 25 Surgical Suction

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