Sutures - 4/0 Chromic Suture


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4/0 Chromic Suture 


SUTURES Biological Absorbable Chromic Surgical Suture is composed from Sheep Intestines and CleanedCatGut Chromic Connective Tissues (Collagen). The suture is packed using preservative liquid; conducted and coated with Chromic Salty Liquor. While processing the suture, all the Iran National Standards are followed respectively. Chromic Suture is mainly applied in Gastric,Intestinal, Vaginal and Eye surgeries for the sake of Stitching and Tissue drawing. Chromic Suture Must Not Be Used In Cardiovascular and Neurological Surgeries.

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  • Pezeshk Yaran
  • Iran
  • Absorbable Sutures
  • Chromic Catgut
  • 24pcs

Specific References

  • 005420
  • I4H
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Sutures - 4/0 Chromic Suture

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