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Cavex - PVP Home Whitening kit
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Cavex - PVP Home Whitening kit

Cavex - PVP Home Whitening Syringe

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pvp impact

Cavex Bite&White Impact

The first temperature indifferent whitening system!


Cavex Bite&White Impact is the first peroxide (6%) whitening product nearly insensitive to temperature. This revolutionary tooth whitening product, has the active ingredient PVP* (polyvinyl-pyrrolidone) and is available in a complete do-it-yourself home-use kit. The gel is dispensed, not by syringe, but through a tube, giving it more of a cosmetic sensation. Combined with a double-sided Boil&Bite tray and an ingenious instructions for use, this set makes for an amazing home whitening experience.


pvp impact


* PVP (polyvinyl-pyrrolidone) is a polymer containing an amide carbonyl group with a strong hydrogen bond acceptor. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide which is a strong hydrogen donor can form a stable complex. The huge advantage of this product is the great stability even at room temperature when it is used in water-free compositions. The reaction will only be initiated in the presence of water which is the situation when it comes in contact with the saliva in the mouth. Once in the mouth the PVP will show a very fast disintegration reaction and release of hydrogen peroxide. This will be even faster when the temperature is elevated due to the mouth temperature of 32°C. Why does it matter that it is almost insensitive to temperature? Well, there are many reasons. First, shipping to warm countries will be far less

critical than “normal” peroxide gels, which need to stay cool. Also, this product does not have to be stored in the fridge, which saves a huge amount of space in the refrigerator of the dentist and patient. 

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Cavex - Bite&White Impact SDS

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Cavex - PVP Home Whitening Syringe

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