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Cerkamed - Calcipast Calcium Hydroxide
Cerkamed - Calcipast Calcium Hydroxide

Cerkamed - Calcipast Calcium Hydroxide

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Calcium hydroxide 16%



  • It stimulates rebuilding of the damaged tissues and creation of reparative dentine by odontoblasts
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Ensures protection of pulp from the thermo-electric stimuli
  • Prevents from penetration of exudates into the root canal system
  • Anti – bacterial effect
  • pH=12,5-13



Handling the product CALCIPAST

As temporary root canal filling:

1. prepare the canal mechanically using materials for chemo-mechanical preparation (Endo-Solution, Endo-Prep Cream), rinse copiously (Chloraxid) and dry the canal (for example with Canal Clean)

2. to dry the root canal thoroughly use Endo-aspirator and paper points

3. fill the canal with CALCIPAST by introducing applicator to the depth of 1/3 of the apex opening, remove excess of paste, close the cavity tightly (for example with Total Blend), leave for about 30 days, after that period exchange temporary filling


As a temporary dressing by indirect and direct pulp capping:

1. prepare the cavity

2. apply preparation by means of attached applicator

3. fill up the whole cavity with temporary paste of harder consistency 


Package:  1 x 2.1gr Syringe

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من به سه دلیل استفاده از این ماده رو دوست دارم اول بخاطر تعداد تیپ های زیادی که داره و باعث نمیشه دغدغه تموم کردن تیپ نداشته باشم. دوم بخاطر سیالیت مطلوبی که داره و به راحتی قابل هندل هست. و سوم بخاطر اپاسیتی خوبی که داره و توی عکس رادیوگرافی کاملا مشهود هستش.

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Cerkamed - Calcipast Calcium Hydroxide

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