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PD - Abscess Remedy
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PD - Abscess Remedy
PD - Abscess Remedy

PD - Abscess Remedy

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Abscess Remedy

Root-canal radiopaque and bactericidal treatment paste



  • Powder Paraformaldehyde 1.1%, radiopaque excipient ad 100% 
  • Liquid Formaldehyde (40% vol.) 43.8%, Beechwood Creosote 9.2%,Thymol 4.9, excipient ad 100%


Directions to Use

- After proper cleansing, shaping and irrigation of the root-canal, 1 application of the pate kept on place during at least 1 week, should relief pain and ensure complete disinfection. if required repeat the treatment 1 to 2 times at several days interval.

- Work the paste deeply into the root-canal with the aid of a smooth broach or a rotary paste filler. Avoid air pockets or extrusion beyond the apex. A permanent filling can be applied after eliminating of the last applied paste as well as shaping and re-treatment of the canal.

- After pulpectomy, obturate the root-canal with "PD" Abscess Remedy Paste. the paste is to be removed and the mechanical and chemical cleansing of the root-canal is to be achieved. Then proceed as per the traditional technique for the permanent obturation of the root-canal.



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PD - Abscess Remedy

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