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Disposable Handpiece - T.S.H


1- no need of lubrication and Maintenance.
2- lack of maintenance costs, such as conventional turbines.
3- low price compared with conventional turbines.
4- no need to service the autoclave at the end the day.
5- high security to prevent transmission of infectious diseases.
6- increase patient confidence in the clinic.


Why disposable turbine?
since there is therat of cantingious disease suchas HIV,
influenza A, hepatitis, via pental instrument, we advise using disposatle low price plastic turbines with private personal proprty

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Data sheet

  • T.S.H
  • Iran
  • NSK Mach coupling
  • 2
  • 370000rpm
  • 1 way air and water spray
  • Wrench Type
  • Non-Optic

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T.S.H - Disposable Handpiece

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