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Delma - 2 hole Super Torque Turbine

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  • RD-T3B2 102004
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High torque push button high speed handpiece
Model: RD-T3B2


  • Ceramic bearing
  • High Torque
  • Borden 2 hole
  • Bur shankφ: 1.60mm
  • Air pressure: 2.5-2.8bars
  • Torque ≥
  • Noise  ≤65db
  • Rotate speeding: 300000-320000rpm
  • Weight: 142g



  • Push button bur locking type with anti-heating safety system; it can reduce the risk of burning your patients with the head of your instruments.
  • Triple water spray: the superior cooling power supplied by four water and air ducts, the air disperses the water to a very highly precise point before contact with the bur, and the water; air ducts also prevent the blockage.
  • Ceramic bearing: long service life, quite, less vibration, great precision.
  • Torque head: it has been design to withstand the considerable stress resulting from repeated lateral pressure


This handpiece is autoclavable up to 135℃, sterilized at 121℃ for 20 minutes or at 132℃. for 15 minutes.

Reference : RD-T3B2 102004

Data sheet

  • Delma
  • China
  • with Borden 2-hole connection
  • 2.5-2.8
  • Max. 300000-320000rpm
  • 3 separated air and water sprays
  • Push-button
  • Non-Optic

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Delma - 2 hole Super Torque Turbine

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