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Morita - UltraM optic 4 hole Turbine - TwinPower Series
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Morita - UltraM optic 4 hole Turbine - TwinPower Series

Morita - UltraM 4 hole Turbine - TwinPower Series

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Model: PAR-4HUMX-O

TwinPower technology provides exceptional torque for the UltraM (18 W) heads. Steady and powerful, these heads can be used for both ceramic and metal prosthetics.

UltraM delivers 18 watts of power, twice the power of some other popular mini handpieces. It also offers the smallest head of the TwinPower Turbine product line with a height of just 10.6 mm. Due to its very compact size, UltraM offers exceptional access. It accepts burs up to 20 mm.

The UltraM head is more comfortable for patients and offers better access in the posterior region. It is especially helpful on the occlusal surface when the patient has limited opening.

A standard sized head strikes opposing teeth in the treatment area. The sensation of this can be stressful and uncomfortable for patients.


  • Superior cutting power with unique, double-impeller technology
  • Zero drawback in the air line for excellent contamination control
  • Directly compatible with: TwinPower Morita, KaVo MULTIflex LUX, Sirona R/F, W&H Roto Quick, and NSK FlexiQuick Coupling
  • Safe, rapid braking within 2 seconds
  • Lightweight: 48-57g 
  • Quiet operation
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Ceramic coated surface
  • Push button chuck
  • Glass rod optics, 25,000 LUX



Unique double-impeller technology

The TwinPower Turbine product line features the world's only "twin turbines." This unique design delivers superior cutting power even under high load conditions. Air, which is delivered from three drive air nozzles, powers the primary impeller. The exhaust air is directed through multiple fixed fins to power the second impeller. The operational result is far greater power, control, and precision. 




TwinPower Rotor

TwinPower’s double-impeller technology features 36 impeller blades. Three drive air nozzles power the blades. Even when the blade angle changes, the drive air continues to be captured by multiple blades, generating superior power and constant torque, thus creating no vibration.



Quick-stop system

Rapid braking poses a particular challenge for ball bearing high speed handpieces. TwinPower’s unique rubber brake ring, in its quick stop system, rapidly stops the turbine within 2 seconds - allowing for safer and more efficient preparations. During rotation, the uniquely designed rubber brake ring is pulled away from the turbine axis. During braking, the rubber brake ring rubs against the turbine axis, stopping it significantly faster – safer for both operator and patient.



Zero suck-back effect

The zero suck-back effect promotes optimal hygiene:

  1. The drive air flows into an anti-suck back diffuser (ASBD) that is located inside the impeller capsule. The ABSD builds up air pressure thanks to the centrifugal force engendered by rotation.
  2. The rotation and centrifugal force enable the air to flow into the ASBD, where it remains compressed – even after the drive air ceases to flow.
  3. The compressed air in the ASBD is expelled on the lower side of the head.
  4. The exhaust air is also expelled by the impeller on the lower side of the head, via the ASBD.
  5. The air pressure that builds up in the ASBD prevents pressure loss in the head, thus completely eliminating the suck-back effect.


morita    morita


Fiberglass light guide

The fiberglass light guide guarantees a constant brightness (25,000 lux) and significantly improved stability even after countless sterilization cycles in the autoclave (135° C).


Push-button clamping system

The easy to handle and highly precise metal clamping system ensures that preparation instruments remain in place. At the same time, the push-button clamping system has been designed and endurance tested for a long service life.




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Data sheet

4-way coupling
Recommended Air Pressure (bar)
Speed of Rotation
Max. 370000rpm
5 seprate air and water sprays
Chuck locking Mechanism
Type of Technology

Specific References

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Morita - UltraM 4 hole Turbine - TwinPower Series

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