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Push-Button LED Turbine

LED Handpiece Integrate E-Generator
2 hole standard push button triple spray LED HP

Model: WJ-162



built-in generator, LED lights, natural light, converging
without modification dental chair, the replacement of lead
global dental chair 2 hole
reusable autoclavable
three o'clock water, better atomization, full-cooling
Open movement, easier to replace bearings


Technical parameters

working pressure: 0.25-0.3Mpa (recommended 0.20Mpa-0.22Mpa)
Speed: standard scenery phone ≥350.000RPM
winds round scenery phone ≥ 280.000RPM
Atomizing air pressure: 03Mpa
Spray way: three spray
LED bulb Operating voltage: 3.0-3.5V
Clamping force: 25-45N
Applicable bur: Φ1.595-Φ1.600
Motor speed: 18,000-22,000 RPM
Noise: ≤70db
Quality standards: the ISO 7785-1: 1999
The LED light intensity: ≥1500LUX
The LED light life: ≥5000hours

Reference : WJ-162

Data sheet

  • Foshan Wenjian
  • China
  • with Borden 2-hole connection
  • 2.5-3
  • Max. 300000rpm
  • 3 separated air and water sprays
  • Push-button
  • Optic

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WJ - Push-Button LED Turbine

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