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Morita - TriAuto Mini Endo Motor

Morita - TriAuto Mini Endo Motor

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TriAuto mini

Compact, cordless endodontic handpiece


The TriAuto mini endodontic motor is, with its compact and well-engineered design, very small and very light. With this handpiece the dentist can work as subtly and sensitively as when using a manual file, while the device’s numerous automatic functions see to it that its files do not block or break.

The small head allows for easy access to posterior teeth with the ability to view both the canal openings and the pulpal floor during instrumentation.

+ Features and Advantages:

1. Small head for excellent visibility

The head is only 9mm in diameter making it easy to use and ideal for canal treatment. Its slim design allows for easy access to posterior teeth with the ability to view directly of the treatment field.


Small head for a better view – by comparison:

TriAuto mini    TriAuto ZX



2. Safety functions prevent over-preparation, misalignment of files, and injuries

You can adjust the file speed, torque values and various safety functions simply by pushing a button. This increases safety for patients. The treatment procedure can be simplified even more by saving the parameters for individual indications in six memory settings.



Auto Start/Stop
Motor begins automatically when the file is inserted in the root canal and stops when it is withdrawn. This ensures a safe and effective preparation.
      Auto Torque Slow-down
Auto Torque Slow-down The rotational speed is reduced as soon as the file approaches the preset torque limit. This prevents torsional fatigue.
morita     morita

Auto Torque Reverse
The file stops automatically upon reaching a specific torque and changes its rotational direction.

9 Torque Reverse settings

morita    morita
Auto Apical Slow-down
The rotational speed is reduced as soon as the file approaches a previously set reference point to the apex. This increases the safety in the critical apical area.
morita    morita
Auto Apical Stop
The file stops automatically upon reaching a stipulated reference point.
morita    morita
Auto Apical Reverse
The file stops automatically and rotates in the opposite direction as soon as a stipulated reference point has been reached. This prevents excessive instrumentation and apex perforation.



3. Easy to read LCD display –  also suitable for left-handed user

The user can easily read off scales, figures and letters from the clear and simple display screen. If the user is left-handed, the display can also be reversed for their convenience.

 TriAuto mini lies comfortably in the hand, Also suitable for the left-handed.




4. Backlight color identifies current conditions

The LCD display has a backlight to make it easy to read.

  Low Torque    High Torque


- Backlight color indentifies high and low Torque Loads

Changes in torque are not only shown with a meter, but can also be identified by a change in the color of the backlight. As torque increases, the color of the backlight changes from blue to green to red so that you can get a general reading with a quick glance. Also, the backlight flashes when torque reaches the set level.


- Backlight color distinguishes types of displays

Display changes color: When linked to Root ZX mini, the display changes depending on the location of the file tip inside the canal to warn you and promote safe instrumentation.

The meter for file tip location appears in the display when the file is inserted in the canal. The meter moves along with the file tip to indicate its location inside the canal.

When the file reaches the apical region, the color of the display changes to green.

If the file tip goes beyond the apex, the color of the display changes to red.



5. Module System

The appliance is upgraded with a measurement function if the TriAuto mini is connected to the Apex locator Root ZX mini via data transfer cable. With this, safety functions are made available which prevent over-preparation.


6. Wide speed range for different files systems

Eleven speed settings are available from 50 rpm to 1,000 rpm. This is extremely convenient for different types of files and varying treatment needs.

7. Programmable Settings 

The combinations for speed, torque and other settings can be programmed. Simply select one of the six memory numbers to switch from one combination to another.


TriAuto Mini + Root Zx Mini Set:

  • 1 Handpiece, incl. contra angle handpiece
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 battery recharger as free-standing base
  • 1 Apex locator Root ZX mini
  • 1 Link cable for connection kit to Root ZX mini
  • 1 Measuring cable
  • 5 Mucosal electrodes
  • 3 File clamps
  • 3 Batteries
  • 1 Test plug




TriAuto Mini Set:

  • 1 Handpiece, incl. contra-angle handpiece
  • 1 battery
  • battery recharger



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Data sheet

Built-in Apex Locator
Hanpiece: 100gr | Charger: 350gr
3,7 V (lithium ion battery, rechargeable)
Auto Calibration
Chuck locking Mechanism
AC 230V
Type of Technology
Optic Adjustment
Endo Contra-angle
One Direction Rotation
Auto Saftey Program

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Morita - TriAuto Mini

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Morita - TriAuto Mini TD

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Morita - TriAuto Mini Endo Motor

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