Sutures - 5/0 Nylon Suture


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5/0 Nylon (Monofilament Polyamide) Suture 

Pezeshk Yaran Amin Rah Salamat Company (PJS)


SUTURES Nylon is a Non-Absorbable Suture the raw material of which is a polymeric material named as Polyamide. The suture is a Monofilament in Blue Color, while being presented in Black Color for Micro Sizes as well. Nylon has the least Inflammation and it may only cause the gradual composition of Fibroses connective tissue around the suture thread.

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  • Pezeshk Yaran
  • Iran
  • Non-Absorbable Sutures
  • Nylon
  • 24pcs

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  • 003509
  • I4I2
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Sutures - 5/0 Nylon Suture

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