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Straumann Implant Systems Overview


Straumann - Standard

Tissue level


Diameter 3.3 - 4.1 - 4.8

Height 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16dandal

Straumann - Standard Plus

Tissue level

standard plus

Diameter 3.3 - 4.1 - 4.8

Height 6 - 8 - 10 - 14dandal

Straumann - Tapered Effect

Tissue level

tapered effect

Diameter 3.3 - 4.1 - 4.8

Height 8 - 10 - 12 - 14dandal

Straumann - Bone level

bone level

Diameter 3.3 - 4.1 - 4.8

Height 8 - 10 -12 - 14dandal

Straumann - Bone level Tapered

blt - iti

Diameter 3.3 - 4.1 - 4.8

Height 8 - 10 -12 - 14 - 16dandal

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+ Advantages

  • SLActive surface
  • Titanium-Zirconium (TiZr) alloy - Rexoild
  • CrossFit Connection
  • Available different prosthesis components



- Disadvantages

  • High price
  • Lack of stopper




iTi company produced Straumann system that it have variety and specific features, we describe about those in brief.


Straumann System has two type implants: 1. Tissue level and 2. Bone level

 1. Tissue level Implants

     1-1 Standard

     1-2 Standard Plus

     1-3 Tapered Effect


Straumann’s tissue-level implants deliver ten years of long-term results and boast more than four million implants sold. The polished collar on tissue level implants is designed to help soft tissue management and complements a diverse range of prosthetic options for the temporary or final restoration.


1-1 Straumann Standard Implant

  • Classic Implant
  • Tissue level
  • 2.8 mm smooth neck section
  • Optimized thread design ---> Optimal primary and secondary stability
  • Good for one-stage or transgingival healing

iTi - Straumann® Standard    

1-2  Standard PLUS Impalnt

  • Tissue level
  • Solution for Treating Limited Space
  • 1.8 mm smooth neck section
  • Optimized thread design ---> Optimal primary and secondary stability

iTi - Standard PLUS



1-3 Straumann Tapered Effect Implant

  • The specialist for immediate and early implantation
  • The special anatomical shape ---> The upper conical part fits optimally into the cervical shape of the extraction alveolus and the cylindrical part in the root region is designed to provide high primary stability
  • 1.8 mm smooth neck section
  • Specific TE thread design ---> Self-tapping geometry with low thread pitch

iTi - Straumann® Tapered Effect



 2. Bone Level Implants

     2-1 Bone Level (BL)

     2-2 Bone Level Tapered (BLT)



2-1 Bone Level (BL)

  • High confidence and treatment
  • Excellent crestal bone maintenance and a high survival rate of 99.2%
  • Minimal tissue trauma from start to finish ---> Provide excellent results
  • Same procedures and instruments for all Straumann dental implants
  • Conical connection ---> Provides bacterial seal and minimizes sensitivity to lateral forces
  • Easy to use

iTi - Bone Level



2-2 Bone Level Tapered (BLT)

  • Bone Control Design ---> Maximized crestal bone preservation and microgap control
  • High Primary stability in all bone classes
  • Apically tapered – Overcomes anatomical restrictions and is designed to enable placement in under-prepared sites
  • Three cutting notches in tapered apex ---> Suitable for situations involving soft bone or fresh extraction sockets
  • Ideal for immediate placement and loading such as soft bone or fresh extraction sockets
  • Flexibility to make the most of patient’s limited anatomy such as facial undercuts, converging root tips, concave jaw structure or narrow atrophied ridges



Loxim is a pre-mounted, self-retained transfer piece that offers clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations for one step implant insertion. With Loxim, the holding key is no longer required to remove the transfer piece, helping to make implant placement more efficient.

iTi - Loxim




Author: Review department of

First Release Date: 14/Feb/2015

Last Modified: 15/May/2016




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Reference :

Data sheet

  • Straumann
  • Switzerland
  • 1998
  • 1370
  • 4
  • SLA | SLActive
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 6mm to 16mm
  • Conical and CrossFit
  • Yes - Separate Kit
  • Fixture
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 5-10Ncm
  • 30-35Ncm
  • Yes
  • Tapered | Cylindrical
  • No
  • 3.3mm to 6.5mm
  • CE

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Straumann - iTi Implant

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