Dmetec - Clevo UV Disinfector for Handpieces

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UV Disinfector for Handpieces

clevo dmetec

CLEVO is an ultraviolet ray disinfector for not only dental handpiece & scaler but also any kind of small instruments frequently used to patients.



  • Supply Power: AC 220V, 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 22W
  • Lamp output: 5.7W
  • Lamp lifetime: 8,000hr
  • Dimensions/Weight: 105mm X 105mm X 200mm / 3kg


Product Features

  • Automatic short operating for only 15sec
  • Strong UV-c power of 695.487㎼ · sec / cm.2
  • Small potable & light weight

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Data sheet

  • Dmetec
  • South Korea
  • 1.1Kg
  • 105mmX220mmX105mm

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Dmetec - Clevo UV Disinfector for Handpieces

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