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Dia-PT File


Color: D1:Purple, D2:White, D3:Yellow, D4:Red, D5:Blue
Size: DX, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5
Length: 25mm







- Check the working length with X-ray.
- Use DX to prepare the straight-line access to canal orifice.


- The D1 expands the glide path and enlarges to widen the coronal portion of canal. Always irrigate the canal with NaOCl before engaging the file. Gently work D1 until a smooth glide path is confirmed.
- The D1 into the canal and follow the glide path and laterally brush before light resistance is appeared. And cut dentin on the outstroke to improve straight-line access and apical progression.
- Continue shaping and brushing with the D1 until the depth of the #15 hand file is reached.
- Check the working length with the #15 hand file and Apex locator.


- The D2 enlarges to the apical 2/3.
- Use D1 or D2 until working length is reached with a brushing action.
- Confirm working length frequently as shaping the severely curved canals.


- Use D3 as an In-and-out Pecking Motion until the depth of the #20 hand file is reached.
- If the #20 hand file is loose at length, proceed to the D4 with corresponding the #25 hand file.
- If the #25 hand file is loose at length, proceed to the D5 with corresponding the #30 hand file.



Superior Cutting Efficiency
- Allows stronger and more sharp blades to more deeper in the canal
- A triangular cross section reduces contact with the canal wall

High Flexibility
- Offers outstanding flexibility and reduces a user fatigue
- Has high corrosion resistance with a coated surface of files

Short Shaping Time
- Decreases total shaping time versus a traditional rotary technique
- Easily shape in calcified or highly curved canals



CountrySouth Korea
File NumberDx to D5
Number Of Files In Pakage4
Length19 | 25
Torque range2-3Ncm
TypeProtaper File
Speed of Rotation250-350rpm
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خوب ولی نه عالی

به نسبت قیمتش فایل خوبه، خیلی راحت نمیشکنه ولی دوتا ایراد داره، یکی اینکه زیادی rigid هست یکی اینکه برندگی کمی داره نسبت به خود پروتیپر

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کیفیت عالی

من و همکارم هردو قبلا از فایل های race استفاده میکردیم که قیمتش خیلی بیشتر از این محصول هست، ولیاز لحاظ کیفیت این فایل ها خیییییلی بهتر هستند.

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DiaDent - Dia-PT Rotary File

DiaDent - Dia-PT Rotary File

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