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A1 Neoniti

 T=0.08 & 0.06 & 0.04 - L=21/25/31mm - #20 / #25 / #30 / #40

Shaping of the root canal till the apex


Neoniti A1 #25
Shaping of the mesial and apical parts of the root canal

Neoniti A1 #20
Shaping of the calcified, narrow, curved canal

Neoniti A1 #30 &‌#40
Finishing file for wide canal




Endodontic treatment

1st step
Identification and catheterization of canals by using a K file size # 08, 10 or 15 or Neoniti GPS.
* Use a chelating agent if needed.


2nd step
Neoniti C1 is introduced into the canal at a max. depth of 5mm (i.e. half length of the working portion)
The work is performed using a wall circumferential brushing motion onto the opposite curvature to reduce coronary wall curvatures, relocate the canal entrances and ease the progress of the following instruments.

Use Neoniti C1 in continuous rotation with a constant speed of 300-500rpm and a torque limit of 1.5Ncm.

Work under thorough irrigation regularly renewed.


3rd step
Measure as soon as possible the working length with an apex locator
and/or a periapical radiograph.


4th step
- Neoniti A1 is carefully introduced into the root canal by alternating 2-3 circumferential wall brushing actions and 2-3 pecking motions (axially back and forth);
- Rinse, check the permeability with a K file, rinse;
- Clean the Neoniti A1 flutes with a sodium hypochlorite swab;
- Reroute A1 as done before: if the WL can be achieved, only use a pecking motion in the last 3-4 apical mm;
- Rinse and check the permeability;
- Clean Neoniti A1;
- Repeat the above sequence if the WL is not reached.


Use Neoniti A1 in continuous rotation with a constant speed of 300-500rpm and a torque limit of 1.5Ncm.


Endodontic retreatment

Neoniti system can also be used for endodontic retreatment: insert Neoniti C1 into the filling material to remove it out of the canal and continue the action with Neoniti A1.

Reference :

Data sheet

  • Neolix
  • France
  • 20 | 25 | 30 | 40
  • 5
  • 0.08 | 0.06 | 0.04
  • 21 | 25 | 31
  • 1.5Ncm
  • Single File System
  • 300-500rpm

Specific References

  • 011201
  • BB140
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Neolix - A1 Neoniti Rotary File One size

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